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Carbon black N330,N339,N375- Beilum

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  • MaterialCarbon Black N339/N330,Carbon Black
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Beilum Carbon Chemical Limited

Carbon Black N330

Other Name:High Abrasion Furnace Black;HAF

Carbon black N330 is the most widely used high abrasion furnace black. The abrasion of the N330 compounds is lower than ISAF compounds but better than those of channel black-compounds.

Application:Carbon black N330 is used in the tread compound,cord fabric compound,inner tire and industrial compounds.

Usage:Carbon black N330 has good re-inforcement,resulting in good tensile properties,crack resistance, abrasion and elasticity.The hysteresis loss of the passenger tire filled with N330 is lower than the compounds with other N300 series except N351.The N330 has good dispersion and extrusion properties too, suitable for various synthetic rubbers and natural rubbers.                                                                                         

Carbon Black N339

Other Name:High Abrasion Furnace Black-high Structure(New technology);HAF-HS(New technology)

Compared to N330,N339 has higher structure,smaller particles.The N339 compound has better abrasion and crack resistance than those of high abrasion furnace black–high structure (old technology) such as N347.

Application:N339 is used in the tread compounds of passenger tire and truck tire,coating compounds of conveyor belt,hose and industrial compounds with high abrasion properties.

Usage:The tread compound filled with N339 has similar re-inforcement,abrasion and crack resistance properties as those of N220 compounds, and has good extrusion property,very suitable for butyl benzene rubber/ butyl rubber compound.The N339 compound has the highest rolling resistance among all the compounds with N330 series.                                                                                           

Carbon Black N375

Other Name:High abrasion furnace black-high structure(New technology);HAF-HS(New technology)

Carbon black N375 is another grade of high abrasion furnace black with high structure (new technology).Its structure is a little lower than N339,and its properties are similar as N339.

Application:The application of carbon black N375 is similar as N339,mainly used in the tread compounds of passenger tire,truck tire and cross-country tire.It is also used in coating compounds of conveyor belt.

Usage:The usage and function of carbon black N375 is similar as carbon black N339 although the structure and heat-up is a little lower than N339.                                                   



Beilum Carbon Chemical Limited is a China based company specializes in research & development and production of Carbon Black Pigment and Carbon Black.With a strong focus on research,we are constantly discovering new avenues and technologies that will allow us to provide our clientele with the highest-quality products at the most competitive prices.

  We have 3 production lines for Carbon Black.Our leading products are Pigment Carbon Blacks for inks,paints,plastics,sealants,construction materials,fibers,etc,Specialty Carbon Blacks for Rubber and Plastics,Rubber Carbon Black N115,N220,N234,N326,Carbon Black N330,N339,N550,N660,N762,N774,etc.Meanwhile,we could produce special products according to customers' requirement.



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Carbon black N330,N339